Taxpayer Identification number and certification
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This page has the 3 English and 2 Espanola (Spanish) W-9 Forms for business in English and Spanish.

When you are presented with a W9 form for work or effort done or for payment in money or other valuable items, fill it out.

When you are done, then return it to the presenter.
Look carefully at the form to be sure that you are filling it out correctly and date and sign it.

The top corner of the form on the upper left shows the type of W-9 form that it is. The one to the right here is very common and is the type typical W-9 Form.

There is also more information about the form on the form itself as it is 4 pages long. The part that you fill out is usually just the top section.

W9 form image shrunken - www.W9-Forms.net

W-9 Form Instructions For The Requestor

Print W9 Form instructions for the requestor
The requestor page is exceptionally good for anyone seeking information about how to apply the form and when and where to use it.

It is 4 pages long. Some highlights include:
  1. What's new on the new form.
  2. Reminders of important issues
  3. Electronic submission of Forms W-9
  4. Individual Taxpayer ID Number (ITIN)
  5. Payee's Exempt from backup withholding
  6. Joint Foreign Payees
  7. Names and TIN's To Use for Information reporting.
W9 Form Requestor instructions shrunken image - www.W9-Forms.net

Request for Student’s or Borrower’s Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Print The W9S Form by clicking on it's title or on it's image on the right.

This 2 page document shows the need for a form used to collect a student or borrower's ID  - Name, Address - City - State- ZIP code and Taxpayer ID number.

Part 2 is about Student Loans and asks: "I certify that all of the loan proceeds are solely to pay for qualified higher education expenses."

Take a little time to read the whole 2 pages of information.
It is an easy and quick read.
The W9S form is for Student's or Borrower's Taxpayer ID number - shrunken image - www.W9-Forms.net

W9 Form En Espanola

Haga clic en las palabras azules para imprimir el
formulario W-9 gratis!

Se refiere a la Departamento de documento del servicio de rentas internas del tesoro que una compañía o un individuo utilizaría para recoger una lata (número de identificación de contribuyente), número de Seguro Social etc..

En no enviar al IRS pero devolverlo a la persona que le dio a usted. Cuando una persona recibe un formulario W-9 de otra forma debe ser completada y presentada a la persona que solicite la información para que pueden utilizar la información para su presentación de impuestos.

Generalmente una persona trabaja en una capacidad independiente y él o ella se le pide que complete el formulario W-9 y también lo hace.

Hay mucha más información en el formulario W-9

W9 Form in Spanish ( W-9 En Espanol) - www.W9-Forms.net

The W9 Instrucciones En Espanol (Spanish)

Para imprimir o leer las instrucciones para el solicitante Haga clic en las palabras vinculadas que dicen
Imprimir información del instrucciones W-9
O en la siguiente imagen.

Las secciones a las cuales se hace referencia abajo corresponden al Codigo Federal de Impuestos Internos a menos que se indique de otra manera.

Hay mucha más información en el Instrucciones W-9

Instrucciones en Espanol for W-9 Formulario - shrunken picture - www.W9-Forms.net

The website www.PrintW9.com is a great site for researching the W9 and related forms.

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