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  by Roger Chartier


Free 2015
Monthly Calendar

Download and you can print a Free Monthly 2015 Calendar here!

How often is the ground hog correct in weather prediction on Groundhog day?

Why do they have a "Talk Like A Pirate Day? Or Juneteenth?  Why is Black Friday a black day? Could it be a pink or blue day? Hmmm?

Do you have to buy a gift for your honey on Sweetest day or does it mean something else?

Well, we don't know all of the answers but below you can see some nice holidays that are in the year 2015. Some are lame-ish, and some are extremely familiar like Christmas and the Fourth of July for Americans.

Use the calendar to mark down birthdays, doctors appointments and secret affairs with your lover, or an audit with the tax people. You could use it to remind you of the dates to pay your bills!

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